PEM is currently under subcontract to Battelle to provide oversight and manage  MCAGCC’s Comprehensive Environmental Training and Education Program (CETEP).

Training is an integral element of the MCAGCC’s Environmental Management System (EMS), and the CETEP is the training element of the USMC EMS framework.  MCAGCC’s CETEP Plan was developed to identify, provide, and document training and instruction needed to ensure that all personnel comply with regulations, appropriate personnel understand their responsibilities in implementing the EMS, and, Practice owners understand procedures for controlling their practices and are competent to operate practices in an environmentally-sound manner.

PEM’s on-site CETEP Coordinator, in consultation with MCAGCC’s Environmental Compliance Coordinator (ECC), administers the CETEP Plan for MCAGCC and its tenant commands, serves as the primary contact for environmental training, holds monthly ECC meetings, maintains and updates the CETEP Plan, and provides environmental training updates on the NREA web page.  The CETEP Coordinator works with Unit ECC’s to ensure that all personnel in their unit receive general environmental awareness training,  maintains an annual training plan for all personnel within the unit, and maintains accurate records to document all environmental instruction.  Additional responsibilities include  analyzing training needs, integration of general awareness, Public outreach, and incorporating EMS and compliance training into environmentally responsible operational support.


  • Provide on-site coordination and management of MCAGCC NREA CETEP
  • Support preparation of annual Environmental Training Plan with ECC
  • Execute environmental training requirements with ECC
  • Coordinate and facilitate monthly ECC meetings
  • Support, administration, and tracking of all implicit and explicit environmental training for the Combat Center
  • Manage environmental Practice, Impact, and Aspect (PAI) inventory to include all updates and tracking
  • Responsible for the installation’s environmental Training Needs Assessment
  • Maintain and update all CETEP training materials
  • Provide data base management for the posting and tracking of CETEP required documentation
  • Participate in the installation and HQMC sponsored Environmental Compliance Evaluations
  • Coordinate MCAGCC’s annual Earth Day events and public outreach programs
  • Develops needed environmental curriculum and provides block-level training plans for Combat Center activities and contractors


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